We started in 2011 in Melbourne from the humble beginnings of our garage. Since then 100,000+ customers have experienced our products.

Our passion is making the online purchase experience and easy as possible. We do this through collecting regular feedback about our products and experience so we can continuously improvement. As well as thinking about all the little things like including free batteries, writing the user manual to be super easy to understand and more. We stand behind our products with our 60 day money back guarantee.


A letter from our founder

Thanks for visiting our online store today and being interested to learn more about who we are.

Our history goes back to 2011, when I first started selling online from my parents garage in Melbourne. I hated online shopping because of how frustrating and disappointing the experience was. I wanted to change that by developing better products, becoming specialists in them as well as providing faster turnaround times for customer service and shipping. So customers could get what they wanted, when they wanted it.

Buying a remote control sucked. It wasn't clear if it would work on your model and it could take up to a week to be shipped. Then if you had a problem, the store couldn't help because they sold a 1000 other products that they knew very little about. I set out to change that so that getting a new remote control was an effortless experience.

Over the past 12 years, we listened to everyones feedback and continued to improve our products. We ask for feedback from every enquiry and purchase we receive and I personally review every single one of them, to identify ways we can improve our product and service. We are regularly updating our remote controls with the latest codes to make sure it works with your model, whether it's brand new or 30 years old. From doing this over the years we strongly believe (and as you can see in our reviews) we have developed the best universal remote controls. Even this page came about because one of our repeat customers suggested adding more information about us onto our website (thanks Fiona!).

The team is now a lot larger and I couldn't do it without them, especially given we have been lucky enough to reach 100,000+ customers. I hope that you will join them in experiencing our products and service. If you have any feedback please share it with us so we can continue improving.